About Alex

Developer, Chill Dude.
Good at googling.


My name is Alex Webb, and I like JavaScript.

I trained in art before I decided to go into programming. I try to use my creative side when solving problems. Also a fan of video games, I enjoy programming in Unity as well. I love to hear about others' gaming experiences. Like any good gamer I also enjoy cartoons. I am looking for a company with a team of experienced programmers to show me the business programming ropes. I think programming is a lot of fun.

When I was young, I learned to make games with an old software, RPG Maker 2000. This got me interested in programming, and I took a class on C programming from the local college in my home town. When I went to college though I pursued my love of art and drawing. I wanted to make games for a living, but I wasn’t sure how, and I thought I was good at art.

When I got to school, I realized the path of a concept artist was a tough one, and tried out many different kinds of art. I did sculpture, printmaking, and eventually settled on digital and photographic imaging. I would create installations, and even ran a coop gallery in my college town for a while. But I eventually fell in love with comics, and started publishing them with friends, printing them on a xerox like screen printing machine called a risograph.

We still print an anthology almost every year, but it doesn’t pay the bills. I worked a variety of low income jobs, from cashier, to garden center worker, to even factory laborer. One day a friend introduced me to Unity, and I decided I would like to get serious about programming, and so I found an office job that let me work with tech companies in Austin and began learning C# and JavaScript. Interviews were eye opening though and I enrolled in Thinkful to take my skills to the next level.

I am excited to be a member of the programming community at large. Learning new tech, whether from watching a Udemy course or reading the docs, is extremely fun to me. I love to read about new ways of solving problems, and as a bonus I get to have the drop on sluggish and lazy developers who don’t like to learn new things. Every day programming on the web is more elegant, and I love it!

- Alex Webb